He was more than, just a good time.
He was supposed to be my lifetime.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Sandy & Mandy ! ♥

Hey guys,
Long time diden update my bold jor.

Kena Jimui scold pulak. ><
Solii yar. :')


I fell that I've totally   FALL IN LOVE   with Sandy &  Mandy !


Such a cute twins ! : )

Here's some Pichaaa ! 

When they were kid !  

 Getting M.a.t.u..r.e ! 

Isn't it They're Cuttie ?

And some video too !

Here's they dance, sing, even on TV showcase Too ! 

They Kiss each other ! 

Sweet ! 

Whoooooot ! 

Lao Shu Ai Ta Mii ! 

Sorry of my pinyin mistake.

Bad in Mandarin. :)

Damn Cute !! 

Chubby !!! 

Ini waa Sibehhhh Suka !!! 

Cuttie !! 

Beh Tong !!!!!  

And That's All for my bloggie Taday.

Thks for watching. : )

Have a good day. : )

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